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Instruction Manual for Life [cc]


This brilliant video examines the anger, fear, rejection, and lack of understanding those who reject faith, or those who belong to minority or other religions, often encounter from the faithful and helps put it in perspective.



Some progress: Mix on Zengming’s portrait. I love that background and couldn’t stop playing with it. ;-)

ReMix inspired by zoom-love

Oautsch! 😕 I just realized that Mix (see the link under the picture) doesn’t show that Zengming zoom-love is the original creator after I mixed the mix I did first. fiftythreenyc Please change this. Thanks Sailesh! I always try to give the right credits - at least in the description. So please tell me if there is something wrong.



There are made some changes in the new Paper update (version 2.0.0) to prevent accidental blending with Pencil. And indeed I noticed how smooth I can touch the screen with my Pencil now, with just a few accidental blends. This is great !! This will definitely extend the lifetime of the Pencil tips.

But because of these changes very small touches like from the Bamboo tip will not blend anymore. I had written about this problem a few days ago, but I think it’s better to gather all the information about this on one place. mademistakes has written an excellent article about this and other problems with version 2.0.0 of Paper. So please join the discussion here…

Paper 2.0.0 Bugs and Other Strange Behaviours

In the mean time I’m practicing blending with my finger. Did the shadow of the USB charger with my finger, Pencil shadow was done with my Bamboo stylus. It’s a little more difficult, but eventually I’ll get this one done.

Tried to comment on that other platform but it crashed somehow. Thanks Michael mademistakes for bringing all the facts together in such a detailed form. This will hopefully help a lot of people! 👏👏👏👏👏
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